The Boatman Windsor on BBC The One Show – Eton Mess anyone?

The Boatman Windsor on BBC The One Show – Eton Mess anyone?

BBC The One Show features the signature Eton Mess from The Boatman Pub Windsor

The One Show chef Ricky Andalcio has been travelling across the UK to seek out the definitive guide to the best UK dishes from ‘A – Z’, or as Ricky puts it the best ‘gastronomic goodies’.

The Eccles cake was a close contender to represent the ‘E’ but the public vote was overwhelmingly for the famous Eton Mess, and of course where else would they come to savour this than The Boatman riverside pub in Windsor which is famous for their own version of this popular dessert? In sight of Eton Bridge, Ricky and The Boatman’s dessert chef Gabby prepare and try each others’ signature dish.

Gabby’s dish features a unique variation on the classic dessert – it’s piled high with meringue, whipped cream and strawberries as you’d expect but it also has a raspberry and blueberry compote which gives it a slight sharpness to complement the sweetness. Not surprisingly it is one of the most popular desserts on the menu at The Boatman.

Ricky’s dish on the other hand has a Caribbean twist based on his Trinidadian roots. Made with ‘blow-torched’ banana (as he describes it) and nutmeg spiced meringue, it’s held together with whipped cream and a rum and ginger simmer. Who ever heard of an Eton Mess made with banana?!

Ricky’s dish was put to the test down Eton High Street where some residents took quite a fancy to it. However, although we agree it was delicious, it’s just not cricket to have an Eton Mess with banana and no strawberries is it?

As Len Goodman commented on The One Show after the feature aired – ‘it looks anemic’! Yes, but it did taste good….